Nordic simplicity and Asian exotism

[Danish designer Birgitte Rabens]
Elle Decor Spain via Automatism

Such a beautiful blend!

What if you lived at IKEA?

Christian and his friends asked themself this question. Here's the result of that thought


Texture, patterns, industrial and colour

You'll find more HERE

A rooftop dream in Gothenburg, Sweden

Looking for the right words to express myself...
I love Gothenburg, the view overlooking the rooftops, the bright apartment...

I simply love it!

I've seen these pictures before some years ago when the apartment was on the market. I loved it just as much then as I do now. This time I found it at Miss Moss. Check out her BLOG, she post some really nice photos :)

I wonder what's down the other end...

Im not sure why but there is something about that striped carpet in that hallway, it's making me curious. I love that feeling!! Normally I'm not very fond of small spaces espesially not if there's no windows. Maybe it's the stripes or perhaps the angle of the camera. I like the colors and pillows in the sofa in the bottom corner - looks cosy!
I like patterns. I like stripes :)

Not sure where I got this picture from, can't beleive I lost it already!
I stumbled across this just the other day...

Clean lines and bright accent colors in Spain

I love the mix of white and bright accent colors, the clean lines and the rough natural features. You find this home in Spain and more pictures at STUART McINTYRE´s (a lovely photographer)

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