Treat yourself a frothy vanilla and almond milk

Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2010

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Sunday breakfast or a sleep in and a deluxe brunch

Every Sunday I will post pictures of either breakfast, lunch or dinner from my past week. Since I just started blogging this will have to due. I love breakfast and brunch!

Sundays should be special. The weekend is coming to an end. Don't waste it - you don't want this day to go unnoticed. Start your day with a indulging breakfast with your lover or sleep in til lunch and have a deluxe brunch with girlfriends out in the sun.

Perhaps a Sunday picnic ^^


My grocery shopping last night has to last all next week

It looks so tasty! I'm loving all the COLORS !  ^^,

I got 1,5 kg almonds. It's true, there's three bags of it! Also got celery for sallads, soup and breakfast.

For breakfast:
chopped celery and apple mixed together with two scoops of turkish yoghurt.
Sprinkle some roughly chopped almonds and cinnamon on top - serve.

In love with almonds

Great as snack, raw just as they are. Why not chop a handfull and sprinkle them over a nice fresh sallad or a creamy soup. And dessert!! I always pick all the almond flakes from cakes and if there's any flakes left on the plate afterwards I will eat them all one by one (probably using my fingers) ^^

Some recipe ideas with almond:


TIP: Roast your almonds slightly. It brings out more, and some what different, flavour (if you were to ask me)

A good breakfast for a good start on a busy day

Oatmeal porridge: water, oats, sunflower seed, flaxseed and salt.
½ an apple and some cinnamon and vanilla-suger sprinkled on top.
Out of milk but I don't mind it without ^^

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