Enjoy life as it is

A lil' friday inspo for you - Seize the moment!

we ♥ it

Just stop for a minute, breath and feel the moment. Don't let those every day moments you rarely notice slip away because you are too busy living your life. Open your mind, take chances, slow down your rythm, close your eyes and go with the feeling!

Lovely weekend everyone!

On strangers tide tonight we'll laugh our heads off

I so hope we do! ^^

I love Jack Sparrow, he's hilarious!
I'm not too sure about Penélope Cruz, but I sure am counting on her - she better be good!

High-high expectations on Jackie ;)

If you love Jackie you will love the movie (of course)
and even if I don't love Penélope, she was suprisingly good.

Newbie welcomes you

Hello there and welcome! :)

I'm not sure where to start because I wouldn't want to confuse you OR bore you. So instead of a long personal introduction of some sort I'm just gonna start...


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