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Fresh from Buraka Som Sistema
Hangover (BABABA) by burakasomsistema

I just love Sveriges Radio's P3 and thier music guide (called Muikguiden i P3)
If you love this song of Buraka Som Sistema (or maybe you're just curious)
CHECK OUT the music list from last night!

Celamar - Me atirou pedra
DJ Farrapo & Yanez - Oliveto (feat Botecoeletro - Thykier remix)
DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto Feat. The Serafim Crew - Paris Luanda (Franky Rizardo Remix)
Muslim Disco Club - Muslim Batucada
Grupo Socavon - Homenaje a Justino (RKTKT's Dark Roast - TST-01)
NGUZUNGUZU - El Bebe Ambiente (Them Jeans Remix)
Mumdance - Smasher
Daniel Haaksman - El Gitarro
Ursa Major - Congo
Dubbel Dutch - Dead Pool
Legobeat - Rooster Riddim (Daniel Klauser Remix)
Slap in the Bass - Egypt (Original mix)
Jay Weed - On The Nile (Douster Remix)
Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa)
Própria Lixa - Udam
Lokassa et Soukous Stars - Nairobi Nights
Sofrito Specials - Ca Ca Ye (Frankie Francis Edit)

Nordic simplicity and Asian exotism

[Danish designer Birgitte Rabens]
Elle Decor Spain via Automatism

Such a beautiful blend!

Summery midnight pleasures with close friends

You will need an outdoor space that works for a cosy feel and the technology. Get a bunch of friends together, bring pillows, blankets and snacks, perhaps BBQ or a fire for warmth, and you will have the greatest summer night

One of my summer keywords is INDULGENCE.
Indulge in small pleasures, surround yourself with friends and enjoy each moment!

image source

Treat yourself a frothy vanilla and almond milk

Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2010

ps. you find his inspiring magazines in the column to the right

Shoes from Zara


What if you lived at IKEA?

Christian and his friends asked themself this question. Here's the result of that thought


Enjoy life as it is

A lil' friday inspo for you - Seize the moment!

we ♥ it

Just stop for a minute, breath and feel the moment. Don't let those every day moments you rarely notice slip away because you are too busy living your life. Open your mind, take chances, slow down your rythm, close your eyes and go with the feeling!

Lovely weekend everyone!

Texture, patterns, industrial and colour

You'll find more HERE

On strangers tide tonight we'll laugh our heads off

I so hope we do! ^^

I love Jack Sparrow, he's hilarious!
I'm not too sure about Penélope Cruz, but I sure am counting on her - she better be good!

High-high expectations on Jackie ;)

If you love Jackie you will love the movie (of course)
and even if I don't love Penélope, she was suprisingly good.

Easy, breazy brights - Style insight by H&M


I didn't know it was such a big difference between countries... I sure like the International(?)-design/version a lot more than our Swedish! Other than that the only difference seems to be that some countries don't have any "too revealing photos". Too revealing photos of models are removed or covered up in a discrete way and all the items are displayed without models (muslim countries, I'd guess).

NOTE: The international version has a lot more fashion articles - I like! ^^

Natural hair dye (avoiding dangerous chemicals)

I am sure you have all heard (and I beleive we have always known) that the chemicals in hair dyeing products are dangerous and bad for us. BUT NOW: these "news" are everywhere! STILL: it's not until now that I have realised this fact... Weird, ain't it? Read more about the dangerous chemicals at NATURAL NEWS.


Dazzling summer blonde?

Simply rinse your hair with one of these suggestions

For Brunette shades:
- The cooled water left after boiling unpeeled potatoes
- Teas made from rosemary, sage, raspberry leaves, parsley, or catnip
- Black coffee or black tea
- An infusion of tea, walnuts and coffee
- An infusion of apple cider vinegar, rosemary and coffee

For Blonde shades:
- Infusions or teas made from Saffron, Turmeric, Calendula (marigold), Mullein
- An infusion of Avena Sativa (oat straw), Licorice Root and Saffron
- Chamomile tea
- Water from boiling chopped rhubarb in water, cooling, and straining

For Red shades:
- Cool, strong black coffee
- Teas made from rosehips, red hibiscus, calendula or saffron

For Gray shades:
- A Hollyhock infusion or Betony rinse to remove the yellow from gray hair.

More detailed RECIPES @ eHow - Check out all their How-to-ideas, some of it is really good!
Rich chestnut-brown?

I'm certainly going to try my own homemade hair dye!
Either I will try one by one til' I get the desired result or
I might just mix two or three and hope for the best ^^

Have you tried this? Let me know!
If you haven't: would you?

A rooftop dream in Gothenburg, Sweden

Looking for the right words to express myself...
I love Gothenburg, the view overlooking the rooftops, the bright apartment...

I simply love it!

I've seen these pictures before some years ago when the apartment was on the market. I loved it just as much then as I do now. This time I found it at Miss Moss. Check out her BLOG, she post some really nice photos :)

I wonder what's down the other end...

Im not sure why but there is something about that striped carpet in that hallway, it's making me curious. I love that feeling!! Normally I'm not very fond of small spaces espesially not if there's no windows. Maybe it's the stripes or perhaps the angle of the camera. I like the colors and pillows in the sofa in the bottom corner - looks cosy!
I like patterns. I like stripes :)

Not sure where I got this picture from, can't beleive I lost it already!
I stumbled across this just the other day...

Sunday breakfast or a sleep in and a deluxe brunch

Every Sunday I will post pictures of either breakfast, lunch or dinner from my past week. Since I just started blogging this will have to due. I love breakfast and brunch!

Sundays should be special. The weekend is coming to an end. Don't waste it - you don't want this day to go unnoticed. Start your day with a indulging breakfast with your lover or sleep in til lunch and have a deluxe brunch with girlfriends out in the sun.

Perhaps a Sunday picnic ^^


Clean lines and bright accent colors in Spain

I love the mix of white and bright accent colors, the clean lines and the rough natural features. You find this home in Spain and more pictures at STUART McINTYRE´s (a lovely photographer)


I am µ but the answer to the question is I don't know.
What defines a person?
I guess I do know what what I like and what I don't. I have preferences when it comes to food, activities, sexuality etc... but it's not like any of it is carved in stone (you know what I mean?) I'm open for change!
So who am I?
You know what, I will tell you this: I'm swedish. The rest you'll find out along the way - Enjoy!

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